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Your Basic Guide to Cremation March 5, 2018

North Haven, New Haven County
Your Basic Guide to Cremation, North Haven, Connecticut

While more people are choosing cremation over a traditional burial, quite a few questions remain regarding the process. Washington Memorial Funeral Home in North Haven, CT, has been serving area residents for more than four generations. They know funeral decisions are highly personal, and here, they offer a simple guide to cremation so you can decide if it’s right for the service you’re planning. 

A Guide to Cremation: What You Should Know

Religious Perspectives

For many people, their religion and its guidelines feature strongly in the funeral planning process. As a result, whether cremation is considered acceptable is a common concern. Most major religions (with the exception of the Islamic faith and certain branches of Christianity and Judaism) don’t take issue with cremation as a funeral option. However, Catholicism forbids the scattering of the remains.


cremationMuch like other funeral services, cremation costs vary based on a few factors. For instance, urns are available in simple designs or more ornate styles, depending on the wishes of your loved one. You also have options regarding how the remains are disposed of, which can impact costs even further. Fortunately, most funeral homes offer affordable options for families on a budget. Request an itemized list of fees when attending a consultation for a better perspective. 

Burial Options

You can opt to have a traditional earth burial, or the ashes can be placed in a columbarium, which is a building that houses urns and cremated remains. Scattering the remains in an outdoor environment is another option, but it’s important to speak with a funeral director before doing so, as this may be illegal where you live. You can even choose to keep the urn at home, which many families find soothing.

Washington Memorial Funeral Home serves customers in North Haven and all of the Greater New Haven area who are in search of dignified and loving funeral services for the beloved people in their lives. If you have questions about how you can begin the planning process, feel free to call (203) 239-6000 today. You can also learn more about their cremation services by visiting the website.

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