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How to Pick the Right Storage Unit March 1, 2018

Columbia Falls, Flathead
How to Pick the Right Storage Unit, Columbia Falls, Montana

Storage units are the perfect solution when you need more space or want to store belongings in a secure location off your property. They are also helpful for seasonal items, vehicles, and keeping things safe when you’re relocating. Whatever your reason, finding the right storage unit takes preparation to ensure you have enough space for your needs. Here are a few tips for figuring out how much room your belongings need. 

Selecting the Right Size Storage Unit


Have a detailed idea of what you plan to store, large and small. Measure furniture, bicycles, and even large boxes. Decide if you plan to frequent your storage unit to take things in and out, like seasonal items. If so, you’ll need space to maneuver and pathways for easy access; jamming it tightly with belongings will make it difficult to retrieve what you need.

storage unitSelf-storage containers can hold quite a bit, especially when organized properly. Always round up in square footage so you know you will have more than enough space. The higher cost is worth it and eliminates the issue of running out of room before you’ve gotten everything in. A good gauge is to assess how much area your items take up when they’re stacked and packed. Most storage facilities have eight-foot ceilings, which helps for stacking bins and boxes and frees the floor for furniture and irregularly shaped items.

Unit Options

Before you rent a storage unit, go to the location and look at the different sizes. Having a visual reference will help you decide what size to choose. Some facilities have demo units as well as marked outlines of square footage so you can see what each dimension gives you.

The smallest spaces are 5’x5’ and are roughly the square footage of a large closet. Small furniture and boxes fit well. Double that space, and you have the 10’x10’ self-storage option. This is the size of a spare bedroom and can fit medium size furniture along with accessories and boxes. On the larger end, a 10’x30’ unit is about the size of one and a half garages. These units have ample room and can fit vehicles and boats.


For reliable, safe storage units in Columbia Falls, MT, choose CJ’s Storage. This storage facility provides clean, quality containers at affordable rates to ensure your items are secure and protected. With a variety of unit sizes, it is easy to find what you need. Call them at (406) 892-1272 or visit their website for more information about their storage solutions.

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