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3 Signs of a Bed Bug Problem March 1, 2018

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3 Signs of a Bed Bug Problem, Dothan, Alabama

Bed bug infestations can be nightmarish for homeowners, but unfortunately, the pests can be picked up easily. From airplanes to movie theaters, the insects can dwell in just about any public area. Aside from actually spotting the insects, there are a few telltale signs of an infestation. Upon noticing them,contact residential pest control experts for prompt service.

3 Signs of Bed Bugs

1. Bites

bed bugs Dothan ALOftentimes, individuals whose homes are infested tend to notice bites before the insects themselves. If the bugs have taken up residence in your house, you’ll likely notice a series of itchy, small welts. A couple of bites here or there could simply be a result of mosquitos, especially when they’re naturally active. Yet, be wary of straight rows of bites or any time you get bitten when mosquitos aren’t in season.

2. Spots on Your Bedding

Because bed bugs leave little bites on your skin, you might also notice small reddish-brown dots in your sheets. Their droppings, which are typically round and up to an eighth of an inch in diameter, can also resemble the appearance of blood. If you spot these drops, take a close look at your sheets to look for eggs, which are white and roughly a millimeter in length.

3. Musty Odor

Lastly, a final sign of an infestation is the sudden development of a musty odor around your bed. The insects release a pheromone which creates an unmistakable musty scent. Some people compare it to a smell produced by food which has gone bad. If the scent is present along with the other signs described above, you could have an infestation in your home.


When homeowners in Dothan, AL, need quick solutions for bed bug problems, they contact Pest-Ex. These experts have been providing locals with effective pest control services since 1956. Contact their team for bed bug service by calling (334) 794-5903, or send them a message online.

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