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How a Geothermal Test Hole Helps With Water Well Installation March 6, 2018

Kannapolis, Cabarrus
How a Geothermal Test Hole Helps With Water Well Installation, Kannapolis, North Carolina

How do professionals determine the best spot for a water well installation? While they could begin digging to see what appears below the surface, there’s a much more efficient method. A geothermal test hole provides information needed to decide on placement and simplifies the installation process. Learn how a geothermal test hole works and the benefits it has to offer the water well drilling industry in the sections below.

How Is a Geothermal Test Hole Constructed?

water well installationA geothermal test hole measures to about 6 in. in diameter and is generally dug near the installation site. The hole is constructed with the help of a large drilling machine. This piece of equipment contains lengthy drilling shafts that can be connected to reach deep into the earth without overextending itself.

Once the geothermal test hole has been created, the water well service professionals will begin conducting tests on various samples that have been acquired. These include soil from within the ground as well as any water that may be found near the drilling site.

What Are the Benefits of a Geothermal Test Hole?

There are a number of benefits to a geothermal test hole. It provides an opportunity to check the area for hazardous materials. Chemicals and bacteria that reside in the surrounding environment pose a contamination threat and can reduce the cleanliness of your water well.

Geothermal test holes also supply easy access to the materials that have to be tested. It opens up the ground to a certain depth so workers can acquire the samples they need before continuing the water well installation process.


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