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What to Look for In a Laptop Repair Company March 8, 2018

Pittsburgh, Allegheny
What to Look for In a Laptop Repair Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re a student in the middle of finals week or an executive on a deadline, there’s never a good time for your computer to break down. Even computers that are running smoothly and have the latest technology can use a tuneup from time to time. When you need laptop repair, the company you choose should be affordable, quick, and reputable to ensure your computer runs like new again. By looking for certain qualities, you’ll find a team of technicians you can trust.

4 Characteristics to Seek in a Laptop Repair Provider

Solid Reviews

laptop repairOne of the best ways to find a reputable laptop repair service is through referrals. Ask friends and colleagues if they have a recommendation for a local company they had a positive experience with. Pair this with online research to read reviews on their specific services and ensure they can work with your specific device.

Excellent Customer Service

Before bringing your laptop in, stop by the company’s location first. Customers should feel well-informed and confident about their laptop repair before handing their computer off. Is every customer acknowledged, even when there’s a long wait? Do they thoroughly explain the issue to customers before offering a solution, or do they use confusing technical jargon that throws the customer off? Watching how the technicians interact with clients will give you an idea of what to expect.


Make sure the prospective company offers satisfactory work at a price you can afford. Inquire about whether they charge by the hour or per issue, as well as any hidden service fees not advertised online.


A reputable company will offer a warranty on its laptop repair services. This guarantee shows your technicians are confident in the quality of work they provide. If the issue returns, the shop should be willing to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. 


For a reputable laptop repair company that will have your computer running like new again, visit Experimac Pittsburgh. As Allegheny County’s go-to source for Apple® products, their team has the knowledge, tools, and parts to quickly restore your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Whether you need hard drive repair, screen replacement, or data recovery, you’ll also get a 90-day warranty. Learn more about their services online or by calling (412) 548-3078 today.


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