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What's the Purpose of Rubber Bands in Braces? March 5, 2018

Potomac, Montgomery
What's the Purpose of Rubber Bands in Braces?, Potomac, Maryland

When a person wears braces, their orthodontist may install rubber bands with them. Although not all patients require these bands, they can play a crucial role in addressing bite issues. As a patient, you’re probably curious about your treatment. The doctors and staff at Rad Orthodontics often hear the following questions when their patients’ orthodontic treatment involves the use of rubber bands. Keep reading to learn more about how they function and why they are necessary sometimes.

FAQs: Why Do Some Braces Come With Rubber Bands?

What Role Do They Play?

Typically, braces serve to shift the position of your teeth if they are misaligned. However, people who require them often have jaw alignment issues that must also be addressed. In those instances, a specialist will attach rubber bands to the brackets.

orthodontistThey do not do so randomly. Choosing where to place the bands is a precise skill involving carefully examining the patient’s jaw. Over time, the tension of the bands pulls the jawbone into proper alignment. However, the bands must generate the right amount of tension in the right area to be effective.

Does Everyone Need Them?

Not all treatments include rubber bands. Some patients with mild tooth misalignment can be treated without them, while other patients have more substantial needs such as jaw misalignment and thus benefit from rubber bands. 

How Do I Know if I Need Them?

Our orthodontists will view X-rays of your jaw to determine if rubber bands are a necessary component of your treatment. They may also examine the overall structure of your face, as jaw issues can impact your appearance.

Can I Remove Them?

The rubber bands are often removable. Sometimes, patients choose not to wear them, mainly because they dislike the way they look. While this is an understandable reaction, it can slow your treatment.  It is very important to wear your bands as recommended. If misalignment of the jaw is not corrected, a patient’s overall treatment will take significantly longer. Be sure to wear your bands according to your orthodontist’s directions, both to keep your treatment on schedule and more importantly, to make sure your jaw misalignment is corrected.


If you think you may need braces, get in touch with Rad Orthodontics in Gaithersburg, MD and Potomac, MD. Our orthodontists carefully assess your needs, determining whether you need traditional braces, rubber bands, or a less noticeable option like Invisalign®. Visit them online for more information or call (301) 299-3993 for the Potomac office, or (301) 948-7660 for the Gaithersburg location.

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