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Cindy E. Levitz, L.Ac. — a licensed acupuncturist in New York City, NY - takes a modern approach to acupuncture, the ancient Chinese medical art of stimulating energetic points on the body to relieve a variety of health concerns. This practice offers customized care to help individuals restore health through pain-free holistic treatment strategies. It is an effective approach to most health issues including back, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, stress and mood disorders, women's and men's health, digestive problems and others.

How Acupuncture Can Prevent & Treat Allergies March 12, 2018

NoMad, Manhattan
How Acupuncture Can Prevent & Treat Allergies, Manhattan, New York

Millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies each year, especially during the spring and summer. While a variety of over-the-counter medications are available in pharmacies, natural, holistic alternatives also ease allergy symptoms, with less side effects. Cindy E. Levitz, Lic. Acupuncturist, PLLC, a leading acupuncture provider in New York, NY, is here to discuss the benefits of this treatment for allergies.

Histamines are chemicals your immune system produces to fight foreign pathogens like viruses or bacteria. While this is a normal function, allergic reactions are caused by the overproduction of histamines. This means that when a person with allergies is in contact with a potential allergen, the body releases a massive amount of histamines to flush them out of the system. While pollen and mold may not be harmful, the body perceives them as such, leading to hives, sneezing, wheezing or shortness of breath.

acupunctureAcupuncture and Chinese herbs are effective at treating allergies. During the acupuncture treatment, specific points are stimulated throughout the body. This removes the blockages in the flow of energy and releases areas of tension. Many patients experience relief with one session, but it often takes additional sessions to get your symptoms under control. In addition to treating the symptoms of allergies, acupuncture is used for prevention. It does this by improving and modifying the body’s immune response to prevent it from overreacting to allergens. This is the perfect time to consider acupuncture, before the allergy season is in full swing.

Whether you suffer from allergies or other health issues, acupuncture is a holistic treatment that can offer relief. For a premier provider in New York, NY, turn to Cindy E. Levitz, Lic. Acupuncturist, PLLC. She uses acupuncture to treat a wide range of isssues, from mood disorders to fertility and sports injuries. Contact her today at (212) 924-8034 to schedule a consultation. Convenient location for NoMad, Flatiron, Chelsea, Murray Hill, Gramercy Park, Midtown South and just about anywhere in NYC . You can also visit the website for more information about the services provided. 

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