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7 Ideal Meals Before You Use Your Home Gym March 2, 2018

Crescent Springs, Covington
7 Ideal Meals Before You Use Your Home Gym, Covington, Kentucky

Whether you’re gearing up to use your home gym or heading out of the house for your workout, it’s important to prepare correctly. In particular, eating a snack or small meal before you exercise can decrease your risk of muscle cramps, increase your performance, and help you get the most out of your workout. Here are a few healthy foods that can help you through your exercise routine.

Healthy Workout Foods

1. Banana

Bananas are a great source of dietary potassium, which helps with muscle contraction and nerve conduction — both essential to your workout. The body doesn’t store potassium for long, so eat a banana about half an hour before your workout starts for best results.

2. Rice Cakes With Peanut Butter

Your body gets energy from carbs, protein, and fat — all of which are present in this tasty snack. Rice cakes with peanut butter are the perfect food to eat before a workout, providing both short- and long-term energy boosts.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is sometimes recommended for weight loss because your body digests it slowly, helping you feel full longer and preventing blood sugar spikes and crashes. For an extra boost, add chopped fruit, raisins, or nuts to your oatmeal.

4. Crackers

For quick, portable carbs, it’s hard to beat crackers. Choose a whole-grain variety for extra fiber, and eat your crackers with peanut butter or avocado for a little healthy fat and other nutrients.

5. Dried Fruit

Home GymAnother portable option, dried fruit is a good way to get quick carbs before you hit the treadmill. As a bonus, it’s tasty, and there are a wide variety of options to choose so you can find the ones you like best.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is a balanced mix of carbs, fat, and protein, which provide lasting energy throughout your home gym workout. If you don’t like yogurt by itself, add fruit or granola to make it more appealing.

7. Granola Bar

A classic choice, granola bars have developed a poor reputation in recent years thanks to the added sugar in some brands. Look for a health-conscious granola bar that will help you get the carbs you need without a sugar overload.


With these healthy pre-workout foods, you’ll train longer and harder than you could on an empty stomach. Add a water bottle to stay hydrated, and you’ll be ready to tackle any fitness regimen. Exercise & Leisure Equipment is your source for fitness equipment in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas. Visit them today to flesh out your home gym and get your workout routine started! For more information, call (513) 531-7777 or visit them online to view their available fitness equipment, including exercise bikes and ellipticals.

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