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4 Ways to Increase Kitchen Storage With Custom Cabinets, Shelves, & More March 2, 2018

Albemarle, Stanly
4 Ways to Increase Kitchen Storage With Custom Cabinets, Shelves, & More, Albemarle, North Carolina

Are you looking for ways to maximize the storage possibilities for your kitchen? Custom cabinets, drawers, and other solutions are an excellent way to save room while increasing the functionality of a space. Stanly Cabinet Co, Inc., a maker of high-quality cabinets in Albemarle, NC, is here with a simple guide to storage.

Custom Cabinets & Opportunities for Storage 

1. Get Creative With Cabinets

custom cabinetsThere are many unconventional yet practical ways to use cabinets to save space. Install deeper cabinets with organization racks on the doors for herbs, spices, and oils. Another ingenious idea is the rolling cabinet, which provides storage yet also moves out to serve as a prep station.

2. Use Specialized Drawers

Custom drawers are another godsend when it comes to making your kitchen feel more open. Drawers designed specifically for trashcans are popular, since they clear out floor space and conceal unpleasant odors. Under-sink and cookie sheet drawers are extremely helpful for keeping cleaning products and baking supplies organized and out of the way.

3. Build a Custom Pantry

Building a walk-in pantry is arguably one of the best possible uses of space in a kitchen. Custom pantries increase visibility and organization while reducing the amount of food you waste. You may choose to design a walk-in pantry to house smaller appliances, such as blenders and toaster ovens.

4. Add Shelves to Your Backsplash

It may seem counterintuitive to install shelves over you backsplash, since the latter is, in part, intended to be a decorative accent for your kitchen. That’s why a few rows of discreet glass shelves are ideal. You’ll have the perfect place to store and showcase all of your beautiful glassware.

When you’re ready to make better use of the kitchen, rely on Stanly Cabinet Co, Inc. to provide you with smart and convenient storage solutions. Give them a call at (704) 982-0869 today to speak with a helpful staff member about getting started on custom cabinets. Or, visit them online for more information about kitchen remodeling and their other services.