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Local Sports Equipment Company Shares How to Break in a Baseball Glove March 1, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Local Sports Equipment Company Shares How to Break in a Baseball Glove, Cincinnati, Ohio

Anyone who enjoys playing baseball knows how important is to have a great glove. But new gloves have to be broken in, and the process can take a while. Your sports equipment requires special care, and the staff at Siefert's Sports Center, located in Cincinnati, OH, knows their stuff. Below, they share some tips on how to break in your new baseball glove.

Steam It

The first step of breaking in your baseball glove requires a combination of heat and hydration. Some sports equipment stores have a professional steamer you can use to quickly soften up your glove. If you don’t have access to a steamer, try pouring some hot water over your glove to loosen it up. It’s best if the water temperature is between 150 and 170° Fahrenheit. Don’t bake or microwave your glove, as this can dry out and damage the leather.

Massage It

Immediately after you steam your glove and while it’s still moist, take the time to massage it thoroughly. Squeeze the thumb and pinky of the glove together and bend the middle fingers in multiple times. Carefully stretch the web across the top as well.

Pound It

Sports EquipmentUsing either a baseball or a glove mallet, pound the palm of your new glove. This will help remove any wrinkles and form the pocket. Pound the web too, where you want it to break. This will make it easy to catch and hold the baseball.

Use It

At this point, you can start using your glove. There’s no better way to break it in and get it to form to your hand than to play some catch. Throw that ball back and forth with a family member or friend as much as you can before your next game.

Condition It

Finally, it’s essential that you keep your new glove conditioned. During baseball season, take the time every month or so to thoroughly rub your glove down with a high-quality conditioner. This will keep it nice and loose and prevent the leather from cracking. Do the same thing before storing your glove after the season is over.

Are you looking for a great sports equipment supplier for your baseball, football, and basketball needs? If so, Siefert's Sports Center has a wide variety of equipment for both individuals and teams. This sporting goods store can even supply custom team uniforms. Give them a call today at (513) 445-4057 or visit their website to learn more about the company. You can also stop by their Cincinnati store in-person to talk directly with a member of their team.

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