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What to Expect During a Septic Installation March 6, 2018

Kirbyville, Jasper
What to Expect During a Septic Installation, Kirbyville, Texas

If your home isn’t connected to a public waste water system, it’s required that you have a septic system. A septic system treats waste water in a tank, and then, the water travels through a distribution box and pipelines into a drainfield, where it’s returned to the ground. Not many people are familiar with the process if they haven’t had a system installed. Fortunately, Dan’s All American Plumbing knows all about septic installations, and they’ve put together some information to help you better understand it.

Acquire the Necessary Permits

Some cities and states require permits to be obtained for a septic installation to guarantee all the rules and regulations are followed during the process. Your plumbing contractor will take care of this for you before beginning work on your septic system.

Excavate the Site                                                 

septic installationAfter any required permits are pulled, the site where the septic tank will be placed needs to be excavated. Trenches for the septic lines, distribution box, and drainfield need to be dug, too. If there is old septic equipment, it will be located and removed during this time.

Install the Equipment

Once the trenches and holes are dug, the equipment can be placed. This includes the tank, pipes, and distribution box. The tank will be placed about two to four feet underground and buried in gravel and dirt. After this, the septic system is ready for a final inspection, which your plumber will perform.

If you have other questions, give Dan’s All American Plumbing a call. For more than 25 years, they’ve been providing septic installations, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance to Kirbyville, TX, area residents. Dan’s All American Plumbing also installs and takes care of drains and sewers. Give them a call at (409) 423-5773 or visit their website to see how they can assist you with your plumbing needs.