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Why Kids Sometimes Have Trouble Remembering Their Studies April 10, 2018

New York, Richmond
Why Kids Sometimes Have Trouble Remembering Their Studies, New York, New York

It's a common enough scenario to which most parents can relate. Your child can remember verbatim dialogue from their favorite television show, the lyrics to the latest Top 40 hit, or the rants of the newest YouTube star. But when it comes to their academic studies, your child seems to have a hard time retaining key information. Below, the reading help professionals at FasTracKids in Brooklyn, New York, explain this issue in more detail.

The 3 Memory Systems

The human brain has three memory systems that help it retain information. They are:

  • Encoding: This system encodes new information and stores it in your short-term memory; the more you pay attention to stimuli, the higher the likelihood it will be encoded and stored for the short-term.
  • reading helpLong-Term Memory: This system deals with the memories that one retains for longer periods of time; episodic memory is the type of memory that encompasses specific events and the feelings one associates with those events, while semantic memory retains things like facts, trivia, and written or spoken details.
  • Recall: The recall system handles the retrieval of stored information from whichever area of the brain it might be held in.

The Relationship Between Memory Systems & Memory Difficulties

If your child is having trouble remembering their studies or requires extra reading help for comprehension, it may be an issue of encoding. Which means, in essence, it is an issue of paying attention. So, the question then becomes, "How can I help my child pay better attention?" rather than "Why aren't they remembering this information?". Practice and repetition of specific material help the brain better recall the material at a later time.

Your child may know all the lyrics of the latest pop sensation, but they only know this information because they've listened to the music repeatedly. Essentially, the repetition has encoded the data into their brains. If they can approach their schoolwork in this same way, they will likely have an easier time retaining what they learn in class. Tutoring professionals can identify the areas in which your child is struggling to remember, and they will employ various methods of repeat practice and repetition to ensure lessons are not only mastered, but easily recalled when necessary.

If your child needs some extra math or reading help, or assistance in any other academic area, trust the professionals at FasTracKids. They offer tutoring services, after school programs, and summer camp, all of which make learning fun, exciting, and engaging. Call (718) 260-8100, visit them online, or contact them on Facebook or Twitter to enlist reading help or another type of academic support for your child.