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3 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis March 12, 2018

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3 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis, Beavercreek, Ohio

Tennis is an active and competitive sport that can be enjoyed throughout your entire life. In addition to being fun, the pastime also provides fantastic health benefits. Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club in Dayton, OH, will open in May and host area fitness enthusiasts in its welcoming facilities. Guests can take advantage of tennis lessons, special clinics, and leagues that offer a chance for social connection as well as an opportunity for exercise. Below are a few ways that playing the game improves your overall well-being.

3 Ways Tennis Improves Your Health

1. It’s Great Exercise

First and foremost, the sport provides an opportunity to engage in cardiovascular exercise. Just one hour of practice can burn around 400 to 500 calories in the average person. You can expect to see your heart performance, metabolism, and blood pressure improve over time. In addition, you’ll also enjoy leaner muscles and less fat.

2. It Increases Balance and Coordination

TennisPlaying tennis requires agility and fast reflexes. If you engage in lessons or clinics, your trainer will lead you through a series of drills to improve your reaction time and improve accuracy. Repeating these drills on a regular basis will, over time, result in great balance and coordination both on and off the court.

3. It Improves Cognition

At any age, it’s important to engage in activities that challenge your mind and force you to think strategically. Tennis requires you to think about how you will react to your opponent’s actions. This promotes cognition and keeps your brain healthy and active.

Those who enjoy the sport of tennis love it not only for the fun and competitive play but also because of its many health benefits. Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club in Dayton, OH, is currently accepting new members who want to explore the pastime while meeting new friends. Members are invited to participate in one of the many leagues that the club will offer when they open on May 5, 2018. To learn more about joining, call (937) 956-8864 or visit them online.

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