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3 Common Types of Vinyl Siding March 1, 2018

Mayo, 7
3 Common Types of Vinyl Siding, 7, Maryland

Whether you’re renovating your home or just updating the exterior, vinyl siding is an excellent design choice. There are several benefits of selecting vinyl siding for your home project, from being cost-effective and relatively maintenance-free, to coming in a number of different styles and types. When determining if this exterior option is right for your needs, consider the following overview.

3 Types of Vinyl Siding

1. Horizontal Siding

vinyl sidingAs the name indicates, horizontal siding runs across your house from side to side. Clapboard is a common horizontal style and one of the most popular sold in America. Clapboard siding is designed to look like wood and can be customized in terms of texture, color, and thickness. Another common option is Dutch lap siding, which looks similar to clapboard but features a recessed curve under each plank. This allows the siding to fit against the wall easier and offers a more succinct appearance. 

2. Vertical Siding

Vertical siding provides a completely different look, as the planks run up and down across a home. This style is also known as “board and batten” and was often used in colder climates because its tight fit blocked harsh winter temperatures. This style is also used on most barns and is sometimes referred to as barn siding.

3. Shake Siding

Shake siding consists of small panels that look like shingles. However, instead of cedar, they are made from vinyl, which requires less upkeep and can better withstand exposure to the elements. Many homeowners choose this siding style for its rustic charm.

When considering vinyl siding for your home, remember—you don’t have to settle for just one type. Work with a siding company to determine the best varieties for your needs and your home’s design.


Riverside Home Services provides a number of home improvement offerings to the Edgewater, MD, community. From exterior remodeling projects involving vinyl siding to interior renovations for a bathroom or kitchen, these professionals have the expertise you’re looking for when renovating your home. To learn more about the company or schedule an appointment, call (410) 956-3131 or visit their website.

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