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Is a VoIP Phone System Right for Your Business? February 28, 2018

Ambler, Montgomery County
Is a VoIP Phone System Right for Your Business?, Ambler, Pennsylvania

As technology has advanced, businesses reap the benefits of new tools that help streamline the costs and efforts associated with running a business. One great example is the voice over internet protocol — or VoIP — service, which allows business phone calls to travel via the Internet as data — just like an email. While a VoIP phone system has significant benefits, there are still some business owners on the fence due to concerns about audio quality, service reliability, and overall costs. Read on to learn more about VoIP to help decide if it’s right for your business.

Why Your Business Should Switch to a VoIP Phone System?

High-Quality Service

The quality of VoIP has come very far since it was first invented, allowing users to answer and make calls using their phone of choice, whether that be a standard device or tech-savvy IP phone. Additionally, businesses who choose to adopt feature-rich IP phones can leverage existing data networks for any calls that begin and end within their office. This ability provides for additional benefits and savings to the business owner, while also improving the efficiency of their staff.

Reduced Telecommunications Costs

voip serviceMany businesses adopt VoIP service to reduce their company’s telecommunications costs. This is because VoIP service providers charge a significantly lower amount for operation costs compared to traditional phone carriers. VoIP providers can charge less than these competitors because they don’t have to work within the boundaries of industry regulations and existing telephone line infrastructure. 

Increased Business Flexibility

Today’s workplace has shifted from a nine-to-five schedule in favor of flexibility. Employees seek companies that allow them to work when and where they want to, which can become a challenge for businesses that still use a traditional phone service. VoIP service removes these restrictions, allowing you to take your business phone system with you wherever you go as long as there is a broadband connection present. This also keeps employees from needing to take work calls on their personal cellular devices, which can appear unprofessional.

Access Voicemail & Faxes Anytime

With VoIP service, you can also rest assured that no important voicemails or faxes go unanswered over the weekend or long holiday. The service allows you to access these messages directly through your email inbox. You can also forward them to others for future action or archive them in on a place for safekeeping.


Interested in learning more about how VoIP phone service can put your business on the same level as the enterprise-size competitors in your industry? Communications Deployment Partners in Ambler, PA, can help your company reach its true potential with exceptional IT solutions and consulting services. With over 10 years of experience, their knowledgeable IT consultants provide friendly customer service, customized business plans and innovative software to meet your business’ unique needs. Give the CDP team a call today at (215) 343-5580 to schedule a consultation or visit their website for more information about their cloud services.

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