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Plumbing Contractors Explains 3 Items You Should Never Flush March 2, 2018

Jamestown, Greene
Plumbing Contractors Explains 3 Items You Should Never Flush, Jamestown, Ohio

Some people treat the toilet like a trash can, tossing in waste without thinking about the potential consequences. However, there are very few things that are “flushable,” even if they say so on the package. The professional plumbing contractors at Wind Bender Mechanical Services in Jamestown, OH, want everyone to have an efficient, fully-functioning septic system, and advise that you do not flush the following items down the toilet.

Plumbing Contractors Advise to Never Flush These 3 Items

1. Disposable Wipes

Baby, makeup, and sanitary cleansing wipes are made of thicker fiber than standard toilet paper. This kind of material doesn’t break down the same way traditional paper does and can cause backup, overflow, or clogging. Because they remain intact longer, they can disrupt commercial sewage treatment facilities and residential septic systems.

plumbing contractors2. Medication

Flushing medication down the toilet may seem like a good idea to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. However, plumbing contractors advise against this. Sewage systems are not able to break down prescription pills, and they can contaminate local water supplies and ecosystems. The Federal Drug Administration recommends these alternative medication disposal methods instead.

3. Oil & Grease

Some people believe it’s better to flush oil and grease then put it down the sink, but all of that liquid goes to the same place. Once it cools, it will congeal in your sewage system, causing as much backup as solid items. Instead, dispose of cooking grease by pouring it into an old plastic container and throwing it away.


Plumbing contractors recommend that you only flush bodily waste and toilet paper and contact professionals if you notice any sewage issues. Wind Bender Mechanical Services is your one-stop service for HVAC and plumbing issues. They provide comprehensive residential and commercial air conditioning and heating repair, plumbing, and healthy air solutions. Find out more about their service plans online or call (937) 675-2982 for more information.

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