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Why Water Filtration Is Necessary for Every Household March 5, 2018

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Why Water Filtration Is Necessary for Every Household, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Water filtration is the process of extracting a wide variety of contaminants from this essential liquid. Many types of water filters exist, including carbon filter and reverse osmosis systems, all of which contribute to healthier homes. Discover the many wonderful benefits water filtration provides before reviewing your options with Holmes Water Treatment, the Wentzville, MO, company that has served area home and business owners for over 40 years:

Why Water Filtration Is Beneficial

Removes a Wide Variety of Contaminants

Water filters removes bacteria, protozoa strains, chlorine, lead, chlorine byproducts, and other contaminants from the liquid you use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Chlorine and chlorine byproducts increase the risk of certain cancers, including rectal and colon cancer, while chlorine-resistant protozoa such as cryptosporidium and giardia cause severe gastrointestinal illnesses. Lead is a naturally-occurring yet toxic metal damaging to the kidneys, liver, nervous system, and reproductive organs. Filters remove these and thousands of other dangerous contaminants that are especially harmful to children with developing immune systems.

Provides Clean, Great-Tasting Water

water filtrationImplementing a filtration system results in clean, refreshing water without a noticeable odor. Many systems, such as solid carbon filters, keep healthy minerals in the vital liquid, including calcium and magnesium. Both of these naturally-occurring minerals are essential for strong bones. Calcium also promotes tooth health while magnesium contributes to lower blood pressure. Unless you have a serious hard water issue, you may want a system that keeps these deposits. 

Water filtration makes it easy to control the quality of what flows from your taps. Work with the friendly experts at Holmes Water Treatment Co, so you and your family can enjoy healthy, delicious water every day. The company specializes in treatment systems, as well as filters and uses only the highest quality materials and equipment. Call (636) 327-6404 to discuss a customized treatment plan, or visit the website for more service information.

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