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3 Ways Managed IT Services Can Benefit Your Company February 28, 2018

3 Ways Managed IT Services Can Benefit Your Company, ,

When you invest in managed IT services, you’ll have a dedicated team of outside experts handling your services rather than expend resources to employ an in-house tech team. With the advent of cloud technology and other online resources, many companies have found that it’s much more beneficial to employ an off-site service provider. Take a closer look at some of the specific advantages.

3 Benefits of Managed IT Services

1. 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Support

One of the foremost benefits of hiring a dedicated IT service is that your business will be provided with round-the-clock monitoring and support. This means that any threats to your network will be discovered and remedied by professionals long before they have the chance to affect your operations, drastically reducing the chance of network failures or other service interruptions. If a network emergency does arise, a managed IT service can handle it promptly so you can get back to business. 

2. Data Security 

it-servicesWhen it comes to protecting the information of your clients, as well as other important financial and sales data, employing a dedicated IT service is essential. A professional tech team will help you implement an effective data security plan to maintain your security and compliance needs. By combining technical measures and important security protocols, they can ensure you’ll never have an information leak. A managed IT company can also equip you with the technology for onsite, as well as offsite, data storage. 

​​​​​​​3. Extensive Experience 

Another benefit to enlisting the services of a dedicated IT team is that they’ll be composed of experts at every level. This can be a big bonus for businesses that want to expand or revamp their network, as you’ll have extensive resources at your disposal to do so. Additionally, a managed IT service will manage all of your technology vendors, making your daily operations much easier. 


When it comes to investing in an IT service that can help streamline your business, as well as safeguard your important data, the professionals from OhmComm in Philadelphia, PA, can help. For over 20 years, their team has been equipping businesses and residents throughout the area with affordable and efficient telecommunications and internet solutions. Whether you need a network security expert, or simply want to switch to wireless internet, their staff is always happy to find a solution to suit your needs. Call them today at (215) 467-1444, or visit them online for a closer look at what they do.

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