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4 Reasons to Visit Kubeh for Happy Hour February 28, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
4 Reasons to Visit Kubeh for Happy Hour , Manhattan, New York

After a long day at the office, there’s no better way to wind down than a happy hour with colleagues or friends. Kubeh in New York, NY, is one of Manhattan’s best authentic Middle Eastern restaurants. Offering a smorgasbord of delicious Kurdish, Israeli, and Iraqi dishes, including several vegan and vegetarian options, they’re the area’s go-to spot for healthy, delicious eats. In addition to their tempting menu, they hold a happy hour 4–7 every weeknight with specials on wine, beer, and cocktails.

4 Reasons to Go to Kubeh’s for a Weekday Happy Hour

1. Fantastic Wines 

This authentic Middle Eastern restaurant has a broad variety of high-end wines. During happy hour, a glass costs just $6. Take your pick of sparkling, white, rose, or red. These fine wines are sourced from all over the world, including the Middle East and Europe, with origins in Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, West Bank, Austria, Lebanon, Portugal, and Israel. 

2. Great Beers 

restaurantBeers, just $4 during happy hour, are also sourced from all corners of the globe. Selections include from 961 Lager from Lebanon and Goldstar Dark Lager from Israel along with some domestic brews, such as Allagash White from Portland, ME, and Harbor Ale and Otherside IPA, both from Greenport, NY. Also, Kubeh stocks two varieties of Arak and several digestifs. 

3. Hand-Crafted Cocktails 

Kubeh’s signature hand-crafted cocktails are just $8 during happy hour. These include the Kiki, with mastic liqueur, watermelon, mint, and lime; Smokey David, featuring mezcal, tomato juice, Schug, and Aleppo pepper; and Ory, made of arak, sage, peach, pink grapefruit, and dried lime. Each of their signature drinks is blended by Kubeh’s experienced mixologists with select natural flavors such as Aleppo pepper, watermelon, mint, lime, candied ginger, dates, and orange peel. 

4. Authentic Eats 

While enjoying your happy hour beverages, why not munch on some authentic Mediterranean foods? Kubeh chef and owner Melanie Shurka spent time in homes throughout the Middle East, learning about and perfecting the traditional dishes and cooking techniques of the region. The result is the restaurant’s extensive menu of mouth-watering dishes with regional flavors from Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern nations. Whether you’ve grown up with Middle Eastern cuisine or are interested in expanding your palate, Kubeh is the place for you. 

If you’re near the West Village, stop by Kubeh for unbeatable happy hour specials and exceptional authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. If you’re looking for the perfect restaurant to host your next corporate luncheon, family dinner, or another special occasion, reserve a long table ahead of time and enjoy their tasting menu. Call (646) 448-6688 for more information. Or, visit their website to view their online gallery. 

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