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How Learning Figure Skating Can Help Your Hockey Game March 31, 2018

Randolph, Morris County
How Learning Figure Skating Can Help Your Hockey Game, Randolph, New Jersey

You may think of figure skating and hockey as two very different activities. They even use different types of ice skates, but excellent hockey players rely on the same basic skills as figure skaters to move across the ice. If you are self-taught in skating, you may struggle to keep up with those who have had ice skating lessons—the best way to improve your performance is with lessons of your own.

3 Ways Figures Skating Helps With Hockey

1. Improves Efficiency Through Lessons

If you want to move powerfully and increase your speed at the ice skating rink, figure skating lessons can show you how. The basic exercises you’ll learn will teach you how to make the most of each step, so you can accelerate faster and control your speed more reliably.

2. Develops Versatility 

figure skatingAnother reason to take figure skating lessons is to learn how to skate backward just as well as you go forward. Switching directions in this way allow you to get your stick into position and monitor activity on the ice more easily.

3. Enhances Precision

If you want to turn sharply, avoid unwanted collisions, and stop on a dime, figure skating can teach you these fundamental skills. The better your control is on the ice, the better you can maneuver around opponents. This type of precision is an advantage in both offense and defense, making you even more formidable as a player.

If you want to improve your performance in ice hockey, you need to hone your foundation for skating skills. To accomplish this, figure skating lessons and drills are your best choice. Start today, and reap the benefits of your additional training in every game and practice.


Aspen Ice provides Randolph, NJ, with a place to skate all year. Whether you’re into figure skating, ice hockey, or recreational skating, Aspen Ice is the place to enjoy your activity and improve your skills. They also offer skating classes for all skill levels and summer camps for kids of all ages. For more information, call (973) 927-9122 or learn more online.

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