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What to Expect During Your Ultrasound March 7, 2018

Sharpstown, Houston
What to Expect During Your Ultrasound, Houston, Texas

The first glimpses of your baby are emotionally moving. After getting a cursory peek at your little one with the help of your doctor, you may be desperate for a closer look. In that case, head to an ultrasound center where you can obtain high quality 4-D ultrasound images. New Life Ultrasound in Houston, TX, specializes in this practice. When you schedule an appointment at the facility, there are a few key points to expect.

3 Exciting Things to Expect During Your Ultrasound

1. A High-Quality Look at Your Baby

Thanks to advanced 4-D technology, a quality ultrasound offers a more detailed look at your baby than ever before. You will be able to observe precisely where and how your baby is curled up inside of you, as well as see any kicking, squirming, or other actions that transpire during your visit. As long as your baby is at least 30 weeks old, you will be able to see everything from their little fingers to their tiny nose.

2. Lots of Laughs & Maybe Some Tears

ultrasoundUnlike with visits to the doctor, there’s no need to rush in and out of the office. You and your loved ones can take your time observing your little one, during which you can expect plenty of smiles, laughter, and maybe even some tears. Understandably, viewing your baby is an emotional experience.  

3. A Memorable Photo  

Of course, when you leave, you can take your detailed sonogram images with you. These images look wonderful framed and are perfect for birth announcements. No matter what, they will be treasured for a lifetime.  

The compassionate team from New Life Ultrasound would love to help you take a closer look at your baby. The center houses the advanced 4-D equipment you need to create enduring memories. To learn more about what your ultrasound will entail, visit the business online. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call a friendly professional today at (832) 255-2229.

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