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How to Prepare Books for Safekeeping in Your Storage Unit January 10, 2019

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How to Prepare Books for Safekeeping in Your Storage Unit, Juneau, Alaska

While book collections can offer up a world of knowledge and entertainment, they can also take up a lot of shelf space. Fortunately, if you want to reduce the burden of books, you don’t have to donate them—you can keep them safely in a storage unit. However, Juneau Self Storage reminds consumers that books can be subject to damage if they aren’t properly prepared before being packed away. As a trusted storage rental provider in Juneau, AK, this facility offers a few tips on how to best store your personal library.

How Can You Protect Books That Are Kept in a Storage Unit?

Clean Completely

storage unitAs dust builds on your collection, it can eventually cause damage to the pages and spines. For this reason, it’s recommended that you remove all dust and debris from your books before stowing them away. Using a dry, soft brush, carefully sweep particles off the edges of the pages, as well as the spine. You might also cover your books with a cloth to help keep dust out during long-term storage.

Buy Acid-Free Boxes

Certain packaging materials may contain acids that can gradually wear away at books, causing the paper to become more brittle over time. To avoid this type of damage, you should keep your library in acid-free and lignin-free boxes.

Safeguard the Spine

Excessive pressure can crush and damage a book’s spine. As such, it’s best to avoid stacking many books directly on top of each other or packaging them tightly within the box. If the book is particularly large, it is best to lay the book flat, rather than store it upright.  

List Your Literature

If you have a large assortment of titles, you may want to keep a list of where each selection is packed. After organizing your collection, make a list of the titles in each package and tape it to the side of the box. Having these details readily available will save you time and stress whenever you need to pull a specific title from your storage unit.

Defend Against Dampness

Moisture is the enemy of book collections, as it can be responsible for mold growth and paper damage. The best way to protect against this risk is to use a facility that offers heated storage. By maintaining a stable temperature, these facilities help reduce the risks that excessive cold and humidity can create. Storing boxes off the ground—such as on a wood pallet—can also help protect your books from accidental spills.  

When you need a secure spot for to keep your library, look no further than Juneau Self Storage. Offering a variety of storage unit sizes and heated capabilities, there facility makes it easy to protect small and large collections. In addition, this local business operates three self-storage centers throughout the Juneau, AK, area, making it convenient for you to gain 24-hour access. You can find more details about their rates and unit options online, or call (907) 586-6464 to set up your affordable storage rental.

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