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Audiologists Offer 4 Tips for Traveling With Hearing Loss March 13, 2018

Stow, Summit
Audiologists Offer 4 Tips for Traveling With Hearing Loss, Stow, Ohio

When you plan a vacation, you’re looking to get away from everyday stresses, not worry about additional ones. With just a little planning and research beforehand, having diminished hearing doesn’t have to hinder your trip. Consider the following four tips from audiologists to ensure your journey is easy and incident-free.

An Audiologist’s Guide to Traveling With Hearing Loss

1. Find the Right Destination

One of the easiest ways to ensure you get the most out of the trip? Select the perfect destination. If you wear hearing aids and find the sounds of nightlife and city traffic distracting, for instance, consider staying somewhere that offers more peace and quiet. 

2. Enable Travel Notifications

audiologistsIf you’re traveling by plane, it can be difficult to hear what you need to during the hustle and bustle of checking in, going through security, and finding your gate. Signing up for travel notifications beforehand means important information about your flight goes straight to your mobile device. This makes it easier for you to make any adjustments should the flight be changed or delayed.

3. Pack Extra Essentials

Consider making a little travel kit for your hearing devices. Include extra hearing aid batteries, cleaning tools, a travel storage case, and a spare set, if you have one. Instead of having to hunt for these items while you’re on the go, you’ll be prepared and have more time to enjoy your trip.

4. Visit Your Audiologist

If it’s been a while since you had your hearing aids professionally cleaned by an audiologist, schedule an appointment for important maintenance and equipment checks. A professional will thoroughly clean your devices, remove any wax, and ensure they are working optimally. Also, feel free to ask them for any tips they might have about traveling that are more specific to your individual situation.  


Anthony Durig Audiology is proud to provide the Stow, Ohio, community with comprehensive hearing testing, diagnosis, and treatment services. In addition to hearing loss, the audiologists offer assistance with a multitude of other auditory disorders. Schedule an appointment by calling (330) 688-4115 today. You can also visit their Yelp profile and read real patient reviews.  

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