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6 Safety Tips for Model Trains February 28, 2018

Jacksonville, Pulaski
6 Safety Tips for Model Trains, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Building model trains is a rewarding and fulfilling hobby. Making the intricate landscapes and tracks that a train set inhabits involves using electricity and flammable materials, so there are a few risks involved. Fortunately, these risks can be largely avoided by following a few tips. 

A Safety Guide for Model Trains

1. Be Clear About Rules

Model TrainsModel trains should never be left unattended and should be kept out of reach of very small children. Make sure that everyone in the household knows what is expected of them around the train set.

2. Keep Metal Away From the Tracks

Since there is an electrical current running through the tracks, it’s important to prevent other metal objects from making contact with them. Decorative accessories and tinsel are items to be especially mindful of. 

3. Check the Wiring

If you bring your model trains out during specific times of the year, you’ll want to do a quick checkup of the wiring. Examine exposed wires and connectors for damage that may have occurred while in storage.

4. Replace Old Tracks

Metal tracks that are worn down or that do not properly fasten to the adjacent pieces can create sparks when the wheels of the train hit them. Make sure to monitor and replace any deteriorating parts. 

5. Place on Fire Retardant Material

In order to minimize the risk of fire, place your train set on top of non-flammable materials. If you’re unsure of which materials to use, your hobby shop can make recommendations. 

6. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

Even if you follow the guidelines listed here, there is always a risk of malfunction when using electrical appliances and gadgets. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and make sure that each member of your household knows how to use it.

The benefits of creating expansive landscapes traversed by whimsical model trains far outweigh any of the risks involved. To begin or add to your collection, visit Rail & Sprue Hobbies in Jacksonville, AR. For almost 20 years, the beloved hobby shop has equipped residents with the tools they need to pursue their passions. To learn more, call (501) 982-6836 or visit them online.