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What Is CAD System Technology for Custom Jewelry? August 14, 2018

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What Is CAD System Technology for Custom Jewelry?, Manhattan, New York

Computer-aided design software allows users to create precise illustrations in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional models, and it can be paired with 3-D printers for wax modeling and casting. CAD systems are used by custom jewelry professionals as well as other artists and designers, such as architects and engineers.

How Is a CAD System Used in Custom Jewelry Design?

CAD systems working in tandem with 3-D printers give jewelry designers the ability to create a wax mold of virtually any design concept. Because the system allows for complicated designs to be modified easily, jewelry manufacturers can take their ideas, make changes, and then create a solid wax mold for casting. The result is a more stable piece ready to cast in precious metals.

custom jewelryUsing this technology is also more cost-effective for designers and helps them create more unique, one-of-a-kind pieces than ever before. Many jewelry casters can show clients rendered images of the finished products so that they will know exactly what they are purchasing without the need for costly models. It also saves a tremendous amount of time during the design process.

What Are the Benefits of a CAD System?

Some jewelry makers employ CAD systems to design beautiful custom jewelry. With this technology, a CAD-certified casting house can create more accurate, detailed models for designing jewelry. The dimensions are more precise, and artists can make easy adjustments to models before sending pieces to be manufactured.

More complex designs benefit greatly from CAD systems, especially for models that are too difficult or time-consuming to make by hand. The possibilities are limitless, with new custom jewelry concepts being created that would have been inconceivable under previous methods.


For high-caliber jewelry casting, trust Frank Billanti Casting in New York City. They cast, assemble, set, polish, and package all of their creations on site. And using CAD system technology, their quality custom jewelry can be designed and crafted to suit your personal vision. Call them today at (212) 221-0440 or visit them online.

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