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Prepare for Bathroom Remodeling in 3 Easy Steps March 21, 2018

Marlboro, Monmouth County
Prepare for Bathroom Remodeling in 3 Easy Steps, Marlboro, New Jersey

Bathroom remodeling can be a stressful and overwhelming task for any homeowner. This is especially true if you have a limited number of bathrooms or the remodeling is on the same floor as the bedroom. The professionals at A&E Kitchen & Bath Design Center in Marlboro, NJ, want everyone’s remodeling project to be a smooth and efficient process; that’s why they’re compiling their advice for preparing your bathroom.

3 Tips for Getting Ready for Bathroom Remodeling

1. Make a Realistic Plan

Home remodeling magazines may provide great ideas for your project, but what may work in a Malibu Mansion may not be the best for your New Jersey home. It’s wise to talk to a bathroom design expert to map out the things you must have, want, and don’t want, so you can craft a plan that will work for your property. This will help you formulate a comprehensive budget, as well.

2. Set Expectations 

bathroom remodelingRemodelers are going to be working in your home for multiple days at a time, so it’s important to communicate with your contractors about what your expectations are. For example, where they can keep their materials, put lumber, park, and use the restroom. It’s also a good idea to set up “off limits” areas, especially if you have family members with dust allergies who may be affected by the remodeling.

3. Clear Out Clutter

Many people store all their toiletries in the bathroom. This large amount of clutter can make it difficult for remodelers to work around. Therefore, make sure that the entire area is clear before the workers arrive. Ask each family member to put their individual items in a bag. That way, it’s easier to reorganize once the bathroom remodeling is complete.

Preparing for your bathroom remodeling can help you have a more efficient and effective project process. In addition to your plan, one of the most important assets to a successful remodeling is quality contractors. A&E Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Brook’s Edge Plaza off Route 79 have spent the past 35 years transforming their customers’ kitchens and bathrooms from flooring and plumbing to cabinetry. For more information about their available services, visit them online or call (732) 677-3977.

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