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Local Construction Management Company Explains Building Codes April 2, 2018

Kuliouou - Kalani Iki, Honolulu
Local Construction Management Company Explains Building Codes, Honolulu, Hawaii

Building permits are necessary for legal, safe construction projects. They are issued by local government agencies so that you or your contractor can build on your property, whether for personal or commercial reasons. Learn why building permits are important from the construction management and property inspection experts at Construction Management Inspection, LLC in Honolulu, HI.

Why Building Codes Are Important: Your Local Construction Management Company Explains

Details Land Use & Zoning Applications

New construction projects must comply with community standards for zoning and land use. If you are building a new home, for example, the house design and framework must adhere to all restrictions and regulations imposed by that specific area. Residential permits are not limited to new houses; they are also generally necessary for building renovations such as garage conversions, additions, and recreational work including pools and decks.

Ensures Safety

construction managementThese codes focus on the safety of the new construction and renovation projects. Contractors, plumbers, and electricians must comply with the building code rules and regulations to ensure a building that is safe for residents or employees to occupy. In Honolulu, for example, codes are required for any residential or commercial electrical work, as well as for the installation, removal, or alteration of any plumbing, gas appliance, gas or drainage piping work, and all other fixtures, including water heating equipment.

Contributes to Inspection Approval & Home Sales

Selling a home or commercial property is challenging without the correct permits. Renovations and alterations made without the right permits generally stop a home sale. If you are trying to sell your home or commercial space and experience a fire, serious plumbing issue, or collapse, and you do not have the right permits, your coverage claim will likely be denied by your insurance carrier. For this reason, inspections and appraisals are a crucial part of the selling and buying process.

Honolulu recently updated its building permit and code regulations, so there may be some changes you’re unfamiliar with. Determine if your project requires permit compliance by working with Construction Management Inspection, LLC. The construction management company offers a full suite of services, including residential and commercial property inspections and construction management for building renovations, repairs, and maintenance. Call (808) 422-2132 to discuss your project or visit the website for more information. Like the Facebook page for the latest Oahu construction news and events.

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