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Caribbean Restaurant Shares 5 Perfect Dishes for a Cold Winter Day March 5, 2018

St. Albans, Queens
Caribbean Restaurant Shares 5 Perfect Dishes for a Cold Winter Day, Queens, New York

During the coldest winter days, all you want to do is bundle up under a blanket and sleep until spring arrives. To get through the rest of your day, you just need a fresh, hot dish from Laten’s Restaurant. Located in Jamaica, NY, this authentic Caribbean restaurant specializes in delicious comfort foods to warm you right up. Here are their top five menu items to dine on when it’s cold out.

5 Best Dishes to Order During Winter

1. Jerk Pork

Known for giving meat a smoky kick, jerk rub is a perfect mix for chasing away the chills. Generally, this seasoning gets its mouthwatering flavors from Scotch bonnet peppers, pimento, and spices such as thyme, garlic, cinnamon, salt, and nutmeg. When lathered on tender pork cuts at a restaurant, it becomes the ultimate comfort food.

2. Spicy Salmoncaribbean restaurant

Salmon is an excellent option for those who want warm comfort food without any of the guilt. Packed with essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and a host of vitamins and minerals, salmon provides plenty of benefits to your body. Laten’s Spicy Salmon adds some heat to all those heart-healthy benefits and is topped with a mango puree.

3. Rasta Pasta

You can’t go wrong with pasta, cheese, and spice, especially on a cold day. Rasta Pasta is a delectable Jamaican take on penne pasta. This irresistibly creamy dish is full of bold flavors, and instead of combating one another, the jerk seasoning and cheese complement each other nicely. Choose between chicken or shrimp as your protein, or go meatless for a vegetarian meal.

4. Peppered Shrimp

It’s hard to turn down good shrimp, and Jamaican peppered shrimp is no exception. From this Caribbean restaurant, you’re getting juicy shrimp, which soaks up the flavor of the lemon, butter, peppers, onions, and various spices it’s cooked in. From its wonderful aroma to its spicy, rich quality, peppered shrimp is an ideal plate for warding off the cold.

5. Curried Goat

If you’re not in the mood for seafood but want to try something different, order curried goat. Available with or without roti, this Laten’s Restaurant favorite is full of rich flavors. Their slowly simmered goat is fall-off-the-bone juicy, while the curry is a creamy delight. You’ll warm up in no time with this Jamaican classic.

If you’re craving tasty Jamaican cuisine that fights off the coldest of winter days, come to Laten’s Restaurant. Their chefs provide the perfect kick to their dishes, and whether you’re a vegetarian, pork-lover, or seafood fan, you’ll find a meal you love. For an authentic Caribbean restaurant experience, make a reservation at (718) 527-0339. Check the website to take a look at the menu.

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