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FAQs About Bamboo Flooring March 1, 2018

Paradise, Clark
FAQs About Bamboo Flooring, Paradise, Nevada

With so many flooring options out there, making a decision can be overwhelming. The bamboo flooring from Eco-Pro Planet is an excellent option for many reasons. It is durable, beautiful, eco-friendly flooring. Below are answers to some of your questions about bamboo flooring.

Common Questions About Flooring

Is It Safe?

Bamboo flooring is safe for both people and the environment. It tests as formaldehyde-free, and all adhesives used are free of harsh chemicals, making it a top eco-friendly flooring choice. Other materials can off-gas once they’re installed, letting you breathe fumes that are hazardous to your health. 

Is It Solid Bamboo or Engineered? 

Eco-Pro Planet’s flooring is always solid and never engineered. It’s made of bamboo only, making it long-lasting and easy to refinish. As an eco-friendly flooring material, it’s the perfect solution for those who want a floor that is both beautiful and durable.

Can Bamboo Flooring Be Used in Any Climate? 

Bamboo floors are versatile and can adapt to all types of climates. The best way to make it adjust is to let the floorboards acclimate to the weather for five days before installation, especially if you live in a humid climate. This will keep your floor from distorting or shrinking once it is in place. 

eco-friendly flooringDoes It Withstand Scratches? 

Eco-Pro Planet’s flooring was designed with pet owners in mind. It’s made with a 10-layer scratch-resistant finish that holds up under the sharp claws of your beloved pets. While it is far more durable than your average floor, you can also keep your pets’ nails well-trimmed to reduce the chances of damage.  

If you’re looking for the best eco-friendly flooring, look no further than Eco-Pro Planet in Las Vegas, NV. All of their flooring products are odorless, waterproof, fireproof, and sound absorbent. Their team prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. To learn more, give them a call at (702) 534-1115 or visit their website today. 

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