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What Is Radon Testing & Why Is It Important? March 1, 2018

Highland Heights, Newport-Fort Thomas
What Is Radon Testing & Why Is It Important?, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Working with a real estate agent to find a new home is an exciting endeavor. Before you invest in a new property, however, it’s important to perform some home inspections with the help of a licensed professional. One major test that should take place before putting down an offer is radon testing. If you’re new to the process, here’s some information on this crucial evaluation. 

What Is the Purpose of Radon Testing?

Radon is a radioactive gas that’s created through a natural breakdown of uranium in rock, soil, or water. This odorless, invisible gas is often found in homes as radon moves through the ground below and into your living spaces. By testing for this gas, you can avoid unwanted exposure and fix the issue before you move in. 

What Are the Benefits of Incorporating This Test Into a New Home Inspection?

Radon TestingAny home, new or old, could have unhealthy amounts of radon. In fact, one out of every 15 homes tested for radon has elevated levels. By performing an inspection, you’ll have the opportunity to reduce it within the property. As such, you won’t be inhaling this radioactive gas that has been linked to respiratory issues, lung disease, and lung cancer. You can enjoy the new residence with added peace of mind knowing you and your family are in a safe and healthy environment. 


Prior To Purchase Inspection Services has over 25 years of experience performing new home inspections, including water quality, mold, and radon testing. If you’re considering putting an offer down on a home in Northern Kentucky or the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area, call their office at (859) 802-8561 to schedule an appointment. For more information on this trusted local business and to read testimonials from satisfied customers, visit them online.

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