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What Is Back Painted Glass & How Can It Be Used in Interior Design? March 9, 2018

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What Is Back Painted Glass & How Can It Be Used in Interior Design?, Belleville, Illinois

Modern interior designs stand out with their sleek and sophisticated elements, adding one-of-a-kind beauty to a space. Back painted glass features can add a splash of color to any space they are a part of. With help from Sharon Aach at Belleville, IL’s, SaachArt, you can learn about this unique type of glass and how to use it to enhance your home’s decor.

Back Painted Glass in Interior Design

What Is It?

Back painted glass is any transparent glass sheet that’s been tinted or colored on one side. It originated during the Middle Ages for religious paintings and was popularized in Italy during the Renaissance. It saw increased popularity in Central European folk art and iconography during the 19th century. 

Today, it is commonly used in architecture and custom art projects and can be painted in a variety of colors to create the desired effect and coordinate with other design elements. Easy to clean and maintain, it is considered a great alternative to materials such as tile, marble, and laminate. But what makes these pieces stand out is that they’re handmade, creating a unique addition to your home or office. 

Interior DesignUses in Interior Design

When it comes to producing artwork, using glass as the surface material also adds great versatility to the final product. Artists typically prefer using treated glass to make their designs suitable for indoor and outdoor display. Doing so not only preserves their hard work, but also ensures greater longevity for the piece they create. 

Home remodeling experts also increasingly rely on painted glass sheets to create unique walls, tables, and countertops. To that end, they often work alongside functional art creators to fill your home with color and vibrancy. Examples include the exuberant, mixed-medium tabletops and wall hangings you can find at SaachArt.

With SaachArt at your service, you can enhance your interior design with their functional art products. Get in touch with Sharon at (618) 830-8542 for design consultations and learn about the customization options she offers. You can also specify your requirements and view a gallery of her work online.

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