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A Quick Guide to Selling Radiators for Scrap February 22, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
A Quick Guide to Selling Radiators for Scrap, Rochester, New York

After replacing the radiator in your vehicle or a household appliance, the mechanic might ask whether you want the old one. Before telling them to get rid of it, you might want to consider taking it with you. Because these components are often made out of valuable materials, your scrap metal dealer will usually pay top dollar for old radiators.

What Is a Radiator?

scrap metalRadiators are designed to keep equipment from overheating by circulating air, water, or coolant throughout the machine. In cars, they’re usually located in front of the engine, just behind the grill, and are typically large, flat, and made of metal. Most are made out of aluminum, but, in older vehicles, they could have a copper core and brass tanks. An aluminum radiator can fetch anywhere from $2 to $3 and a brass radiator can fetch roughly $10 (prices not guaranteed), depending on the materials and the model of your car.

How Should You Clean an Old Radiator for Scrap?

In scrap metal terms, “dirty” doesn’t refer to grease and grime buildup. Instead, “clean” scrap metal has already been separated from other components, making it easier to recycle. Cleaning a radiator typically involves cutting off the steel brackets on the end which attach the part to the vehicle’s frame. A small hand-held reciprocating saw will usually do the trick, making your radiator much more valuable at the scrapyard.


With three locations throughout Monroe County, NY, Metalico Rochester is one of the leading scrap metal dealers. Whether you have a couple of auto parts or a whole truck of metal to recycle, you can depend on them to provide fast, friendly service and the best prices in the industry. Visit their website now to find your nearest location, call (585) 436-0713 to reach their main office, and follow their Facebook page for more scrap metal tips and advice.

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