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A Garage Door Service Shares 3 Vital Signs It’s Time for Garage Door Repairs March 1, 2018

Parkway - Wheelers Farm Road, Milford
A Garage Door Service Shares 3 Vital Signs It’s Time for Garage Door Repairs, Milford, Connecticut

Most of us use our garages every single day. Naturally, we expect them to be dependable; if they start malfunctioning or stop working altogether, it’s going to affect our day-to-day routines. So, when their garage doors break down, most homeowners want to fix the faulty equipment quickly and affordably. The Automatic Door Company, a garage door service based in Milford and Orange, CT, shares a few signs you need your garage doors repaired. 

The Top 3 Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

1. Delayed Response

If you find that your garage doors aren’t responding as quickly to the automatic door opener as they used to, it’s likely due to a communication issue between the device and the doors. This is typically not something that can be easily resolved with a DIY skillset, so consulting with a garage door service is the best way to address the inconvenience quickly.

2. More Noise

Garage Door ServiceIn some cases, garage doors will retain their automatic capabilities but will start getting much louder when they’re opening and closing. This industrial, grinding-metal sound could be a result of bad springs or a loose opener bracket.

3. Shaky Movements

Over time, the mechanisms controlling the automatic doors may get loose, degrade, or break altogether. One way to tell that not all the parts are working properly is if the doors start shaking or trembling when opening or closing. This doesn’t just mean you’ve got older doors and, consequently, should accept inferior performance; it means one or more of the parts isn’t working right. Seek out a garage door service for repairs.

For over 35 years the Automatic Door Company has been providing top-notch garage door installations and repairs to New Haven and Fairfield Counties. The experienced technicians can identify all sorts of garage door issues and carry out repairs in a timely manner. In addition, they offer doors from the industry’s best brands, including Haas™ and LiftMaster™. Visit the garage door service team’s website to learn more about their services or call them directly at (203) 795-3577. 

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