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3 Reasons to Register for Kidzrock Summer Camp at DEA Music and Art March 2, 2018

New York, Richmond
3 Reasons to Register for Kidzrock Summer Camp at DEA Music and Art, New York, New York

When it comes to choosing a summer camp, there are a lot of options out there. Programs that include music lessons allow budding artists and musicians to enhance their skills while school is out. DEA Music and Art in Staten Island, NY, provides music lessons combined with visual arts and filmmaking in their wildly popular summer program, Kidzrock. Running for nine weeks in July and August 2018, the camp is now open for registration. Here’s why you should register your child now.

Why You Should Register for Summer Camp at DEA Music and Art

1. Learn a Musical Instrument

During Kidzrock, kids will spend time practicing different musical instruments. They will learn rock and roll songs on the piano, drums, and guitar. Special focus will be placed on developing rhythm and reading music during music lessons. Kids will also receive vocal lessons and build confidence for performing. 

2. Explore Visual Arts

Music LessonsIn addition to music lessons, summer camp participants will engage in special art classes. Children will be introduced to several different mediums and techniques used to create visual art. They will then put their newfound talent to the test by creating props and sets to be used in their movies.

3. Star in Their Own Movies

As part of the Kidzrock program, attendees will also be exposed to movie-making techniques. They’ll be led through script-writing sessions to learn how to tell a story on film. They will then film, edit, and produce a short movie or music video using state of the art software. Here’s a film they made last year:


For children ages four to 12 with interest in music lessons and art classes, Kidzrock summer camp is the perfect place for them to hone their skills while having a blast with new friends. Registration is now open for summer camp with DEA Music and Art. The program is three hours a day, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 12 to 3 p.m. Nut-free snacks will be provided. To learn more or to enroll, call (718) 370-7733 or visit their website.