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Local Hardware Store Shares 3 Reasons to Paint Inside During Winter March 1, 2018

Mountain Home, Baxter
Local Hardware Store Shares 3 Reasons to Paint Inside During Winter, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Winter is a great time to focus on home improvement. Some projects, such as painting the inside of the property, are better suited to the season than others. But why is the cold season such an ideal time to refresh your interior walls? The team at Marchant Building Center, the leading hardware store in Mountain Home, AR, is here to explain why this is the best time of year to begin this renovation.

Local Hardware Store’s Top 3 Reasons to Tackle Indoor Painting Projects in the Winter

1. Appropriate Temperature

hardware storeThe downside of applying paint to your walls is that you have to wait for it to dry and the odor to dissipate. When it’s warm outside, you can crank open the windows, but humidity can delay the drying process. Winter’s lack of humidity helps encourage the walls to dry properly. It’s best to wait until it’s not too cold, as you’ll probably want to open a window to air out the room. Since snow and freezing temperatures aren’t common in Arkansas, painting in the winter won’t affect the integrity of your walls.

2. Greater Savings

If you’re working with a professional painter, you’ll benefit from increased savings during winter. There’s less demand for home improvement professionals during the cooler months, whereas warm weather is peak painting season. They’ll pass the savings they receive on to you. And if you happen to be at the hardware store to pick up paint and brushes for a do-it-yourself job, you might just find what you need at a discount for the same reasons.

3. Seasonal Refresh

The busy holiday season is over, and before you know it spring will be here. Why not use this in-between time to get a head start on your home refresh? Painting one or two rooms is an excellent way to renovate your living spaces without a lot of effort. Sometimes all it takes is a small change to make a big difference, and it may even boost your interest in completing more home improvement projects throughout the year.

Marchant Building Center has everything you need to complete your painting project at any time of the year. The hardware store has it all, from Ace® paint to stains to brushes. They also have building materials for your other home renovation projects. Visit their website to learn more about their products, or give them a call at (870) 425-3168.

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