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How to Keep Hair Strands From Causing Clogged Drains February 21, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
How to Keep Hair Strands From Causing Clogged Drains, Ewa, Hawaii

Strands of hair can wind up in your drains for all sorts of reason, whether it’s from shaving, washing, or simply falling out. However, although this is common, it still requires attention. Built-up hair can lead to a clogged drain, which, if left untreated, can cause extensive, costly plumbing issues. To protect your system, follow the preventative tips below.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Hair From Clogging Drains

1. Use Drain Screens

Add top screens to all your sinks to catch loose strands and other debris. For even greater protection, install internal screens below the drain covers to catch any hairs the top portion might otherwise miss. These components sit in the middle of the pipes and are held in place with plumber’s putty to prevent clogs.

2. Collect Loose Hair as You Go

clogged drainsAs you shower, collect any loose hairs that come out. Keep them away from the drain, and throw them out when you are finished. You can also brush your hair prior to showering as an additional protective measure, as any loose strands will be collected by the brush or comb. If you’re shaving, and the small pieces of hair are difficult to gather, run the water for about a minute to push them all the way down the pipes. 

3. Have the Drains Cleaned Regularly

To ensure your drains are clean and clear at all times, schedule routine visits with a local plumber. This preventative measure will significantly reduce large-scale problems, such as sinks that no longer drain away water properly and sewer backups. 


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