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What Natural Disasters Are Covered by Homeowners Insurance? February 27, 2018

Canandaigua, Ontario
What Natural Disasters Are Covered by Homeowners Insurance?, Canandaigua, New York

From hail and strong winds to floods and tree mishaps, houses are, unfortunately, susceptible to damage from the outside elements. With a reliable and comprehensive homeowners insurance plan in place, residences are protected against a range of natural disasters. Knowing which scenarios are covered is among the reasons why Canandaigua Insurance Agency in Canandaigua, NY, continues to be the trusted resource the community turns to for expertise and customized coverage. The locally owned firm shares which natural disasters are typically covered by most homeowners insurance.

What Scenarios Are Covered?

Depending on the policy, most insurance carriers will pay for damage caused by heavy storms, including rain and wind. Tornadoes, hail, snow, and ice are also included in the natural disaster category. Homeowners insurance plans typically have a list of scenarios called perils. These are all of the situations that policyholders can expect their providers to cover if their homes are damaged.

What About Hurricanes?

homeowners insuranceBecause hurricanes can often cause wide-spread flooding, it's important to know if an insurance carrier will pay for damage stemming from water-related disasters. A homeowners insurance policy may cover hurricane-related damaged, such as roof leaks and structural property damage. However, a separate flood insurance plan is likely needed to pick up the tab for flood damage. In certain parts of the country that are susceptible to hurricanes, having the coverage offers an added layer of financial protection.

Are Earthquakes & Other Unique Disasters Covered?

Standard homeowners insurance policies generally do not cover earthquakes and volcanoes. In the case of earthquakes, policy providers typically determine the cost of coverage on the home's location, the condition of the property's foundation, and if the house has more than one level. If the homeowner lives near an area prone to active volcano eruptions, coverage may be included in a standard policy. Otherwise, the resident might need an additional plan to pay for damage caused by lava and ash.

The team of professional agents at Canandaigua Insurance Agency have extensive experience in helping their clients throughout Ontario County file claims after natural disasters. They specialize in providing customized homeowners insurance coverage designed for a litany of perils. To learn more about their suite of products and to receive a free policy quote, call (585) 394-5544 in Canandaigua or (585) 229-2300 in Honeoye today. Visit the website for information and resources to protect your home and business.