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3 Commonly Replaced Truck Parts March 9, 2018

Mount Olive, Morris County
3 Commonly Replaced Truck Parts, Mount Olive, New Jersey

Trucks and buses are especially susceptible to wear and tear due to the extreme weather conditions and weight they’re often subjected to on the road. The professionals at Hoover Truck & Bus Centers in Flanders, NJ, want everyone to get the most out of their automotive investment. Here, they discuss three truck parts that will likely experience issues over the course of your vehicle’s life.

3 Common Truck Parts You’ll Need to Replace

1. Brake Pads

Large vehicles, such as freight trucks and school buses, carry a lot of weight, so the force behind the brakes needs to be strong to come to a complete stop. However, repeatedly pushing hard on the pedal causes the pads to wear out quickly, and the start-and-stop traffic pattern for many buses also takes its toll. Truck service professionals recommend replacing your brake pads every three to five years or 30,000 to 70,000 miles, depending on how often you drive. If you hear friction or notice it’s taking longer for your vehicle to come to a full stop when you brake, take the truck for a comprehensive inspection.

2. Head & Taillights 

truck partsIf you often drive your truck at night for long trips, other parts you’ll need to replace more frequently are your head and taillights. Even driving on rough terrain can actually reduce the life span of your bulbs. On average, these need to be replaced every five to seven years. Make sure to check these lights before you go on a long journey, as you can be pulled over by police officers if they have burnt out.

3. Tires

Truck tires are built for strength and durability, but it’s not safe to let them wear out. A blown tire isn’t only potentially harmful for you and the truck, but it’s also dangerous for other drivers on the road. Rather than replace them on a routine basis, since the best tires can last up to 100,000 miles, it’s a good idea to get them checked regularly to ensure they’re still in optimal condition.

Knowing which truck parts you’ll need to replace more frequently will help you avoid potentially dangerous driving situations and improve the life expectancy of your vehicle. Hoover Truck & Bus Centers is the leading dealer of Freightliner™ and Western Star™ trucks. Their knowledgeable and professional staff is dedicated to providing clients with the best vehicles on the market while also offering comprehensive repair services and parts replacement. For more information, visit them online or call (973) 347-4210

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