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A Guide to Deciding Between Remodeling & Custom Building Projects March 14, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
A Guide to Deciding Between Remodeling & Custom Building Projects, Hamden, Connecticut

If you’re tired of your current abode, there are two solutions available: remodeling the current property or opting for a new custom building. But which approach will best suit your needs? Below, the renovation experts at Santoro Home Improvements in Hamden, CT, share some considerations to keep in mind. 

3 Factors to Consider for Remodeling vs. Custom Building

1. Location

First, consider your current location. If you’re happy with the area, but the home doesn’t suit your needs, remodeling is the way to go. Some factors to keep in mind in regards to the location is the neighborhood, the current distance to work or other family members, and the local school system. If you’re dissatisfied with any of these factors, and the house isn’t up to par, opt for a new build in a different community. 

2. Costs

custom buildingCompare the cost of remodeling the existing home with how much it would cost to build an entirely new one. For example, if there’s only one area that requires some work, such as an outdated kitchen or a den that needs to be bigger, it won’t be cost-effective to invest in a brand-new property. However, if you’re dissatisfied with multiple features and rooms, put that money toward a custom building. 

3. Space

Finally, consider the size of your family. If you want to have more kids, determine if the current living situation will accommodate such growth. Adding an extra room or making the bathroom bigger are both easy remodeling projects that should expand the living space enough if you only plan to grow the family by one more person. However, if you plan to have at least two more children, and the current space already feels cramped, designing a new, larger home will ensure everyone remains comfortable. 

Whether you want to take on a remodeling or custom building project, the professionals at Santoro Home Improvements Hamden, CT, are always here to help. available to provide an affordable solution. With more than 30 years of experience, they have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a beautiful abode for your family. Give them a call today at (203) 287-9787 to schedule an appointment, and visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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