Skyland Park, Alabama

Why are roaches in my refrigerator? February 18, 2018

Skyland Park, Mobile
Why are roaches in my refrigerator?, Mobile, Alabama

More than likely they are other places also. The population of the roaches has grown to the point that nesting places are spreading. Next place you may see them will be in the closest bath to the kitchen. B & W Pest Control can determine how bad or little the infestation has progressed. Since 1978, B & W has experienced all levels of infestation and know what type roach you likely have. Call or click. No contract.  Pricing over the phone. Servicing on a regular basis, still with no contract.  MOBILE   251.661.9364     SPANISH FORT   251.626.0822     DAPHNE   251.626.0822      FAIRHOPE   251.626.0822   ALD ALL IN BETWEEN

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