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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Family Movies February 27, 2018

Falco, Covington
3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Family Movies, Falco, Alabama

Watching movies is a beloved pastime that the entire family can enjoy together. If you’re trying to determine what type of films are best for everyone, there are a few things to consider. Clark Cinema 10 - A Luxury Seating Theatre in Andalusia AL, packs their schedule with the most popular films for kids and adults alike. They offer the following advice on picking a movie everyone will love. 

3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Family Movies 

1. Consider the Age of Your Youngest Family Member

Movies are rated to be appropriate for defined age groups. Even if you have older children, choose your film based on the age of the youngest member. This way, they will be protected from seeing something intended for more mature audiences. Older children will still enjoy content meant for younger viewers.

2. Read Reviews

MoviesBefore purchasing your tickets, take the time to read reviews. Enter the word “family” into the review site’s search bar to see if there are any specific recommendations. If you see a couple of bad reviews, proceed with caution, but if they are all negative, it’s best to make another choice.

3. Take a Vote

Larger families may need to adopt a democratic method to decide which movies to see. Narrow your list down to the top three choices and take vote. Buy tickets for the winner and then add additional dates to your schedule to see the other two movies.

Going to the movies together is a fun and entertaining activity that you can do as a family. Clark Cinema 10 - A Luxury Seating Theatre in Andalusia features a rotating selection of current blockbusters and family films. Enjoy watching stories unfold on the magic of the big screen while savoring refreshments from the snack bar. To hear about their current offerings, call (334) 347-3811 or visit their website to buy tickets.

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