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3 Signs of Termites in Your Home February 26, 2018

North Hobbs, Lea
3 Signs of Termites in Your Home, North Hobbs, New Mexico

No one wants to find termites in their home. An infestation can cause serious structural damage that requires costly repairs. The staff at Taylor’s Weed & Pest Control in Hobbs, NM, advises it’s important to catch the problem early and wants to share several tips for identifying termites in your home. This will ensure any damage is minimal and help you figure out when it’s time to call a pest control professional.

3 Signs You Have Termites

1. Wall Tapping

Termites often make their presence known through light tapping noises in the wall. As they excavate wood, workers bang their heads against the wall to alert the colony of any threats. You may also hear clicking noises as they break down the wood. 

2. Hollow Wood

termitesTermites typically begin destroying wood from the inside out, which is why they often aren’t caught until it’s too late. When they do this, they leave a thin layer of wood to cover their tunnels. Homeowners usually find these when they press too hard on a wood wall and it crumbles. If you think you have termites, knock on the walls around your home, and look for thin or hollow-sounding wood.

3. Frass

Wood termites deposit their droppings, called frass, at the entrances to their tunnels. It will appear as a collection of small, black marks, as well as a powder. Keep an eye out for piles of these and discarded wings on the window sills or near the foundation.

If you suspect you have termites, it’s important to contact a pest control service immediately. Hobbs residents can turn to Taylor’s Weed & Pest Control for all their needs. The technicians offer a variety of services, including lawn care, and will ensure any issues your home is exposed to are handled. Call (575) 492-9247 today to schedule an inspection, and visit their website to learn more.

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