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4 FAQs About Trigger Points & Their Role in Pain Relief February 27, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 FAQs About Trigger Points & Their Role in Pain Relief, Lincoln, Nebraska

It can be tough to treat chronic pain. In some cases, trigger point therapy can be effective, and in Lincoln, NE, the team at Trigger Point Myotherapy offers this treatment to help patients who experience chronic pain. The first step to determining if this type of therapy is right for you is to understand just how it works, as well as what conditions it can treat.

Trigger Point FAQ

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are spots within muscles and tissues that have become irritated. Chronic pain can occur as a result of this irritation, and pain can manifest in headaches, backaches, and other issues. Trigger points can be located in numerous areas all over the body, and it typically takes a skilled massage therapist to identify areas that need treatment.

How Long Does Therapy Usually Take?

How long treatment takes to be effective can vary from patient to patient. Most people will experience some level of relief after as few as three visits. For more severe conditions it may take longer, especially if you’ve been experiencing pain for a long time. Your trigger point therapist can go into greater detail regarding your diagnosis.

Is This Therapy Painful?

trigger pointPressure will be applied to painful trigger points, which can result in mild discomfort. However, this pressure is integral to receiving relief from your painful condition. You can decide how much pressure a therapist applies during your visit, although it’s usually recommended that you allow as much as you can take for the best results.

What Conditions Can It Treat?

Trigger point therapy can address many different types of chronic pain. This includes pain in the back and neck, migraines, heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, as well as many other issues. Trigger point therapy is usually not recommended for tears or strains within the muscles or arthritis.

Contact a professional massage therapist to reap the benefits of this treatment. Trigger Point Myotherapy offers its patients in Lancaster County the ability to be free of chronic pain, thereby improving their quality of life. Call (404) 228-8955 today to schedule treatment. You can also view the complete listing of health services, including postural analysis and pain mapping, by visiting the website.

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