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3 Common Garbage Disposal Problems & When to Call a Plumber March 2, 2018

Baltimore, Baltimore County
3 Common Garbage Disposal Problems & When to Call a Plumber, Baltimore, Maryland

A garbage disposal is a useful tool in your kitchen. You may not realize how much you rely on it until something goes wrong. Fortunately, when the equipment breaks down, a plumber can get it fixed right away. It’s up to you to know the signs of a broken system and when to call the team at Len The Plumber for repair in Baltimore, MD.

3 Common Issues With Garbage Disposals

1. Leaks

plumbing repairA leak could indicate a wide range of problems. If it’s occurring at the connection of the sink and the disposal, the culprit is likely a cracked seal in the flange. If the leak originates at the dishwasher hose, the component may need to be reattached or replaced. If the leak is at the bottom of the disposal, you likely need a new system. When you aren’t sure what the problem is, a professional can take it apart to find the true source.

2. No Power 

If you flip the switch to the disposal and it makes no noise, there’s no power in the system. Check the circuit breaker to see if it needs to be reset. If this is not the problem, a professional will either need to fix the damaged disposal or the switch itself.

3. Jams 

A jammed garbage disposal will make a humming noise when you flip the switch, but the blades will not turn. It’s tempting to stick your hand inside and pull out what’s jamming the system, but you should never do this, even when the switch is off. Whether something is stuck in the impellers or there’s a problem with the flywheel, a professional should tackle this issue.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems or another with your garbage disposal, call Len The Plumber at (410) 247-9970 to schedule an appointment. They are a full-service plumbing repair company that helps with everything from your water heater to sewer lines, and they will provide a written estimate so you know exactly what to expect when the bill comes. The team also offers emergency service at no extra charge! Visit their website to learn more about their offerings.

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