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Questions to Ask Custom Home Builders Before Hiring Them February 27, 2018

Whitefish, Flathead
Questions to Ask Custom Home Builders Before Hiring Them, Whitefish, Montana

Choosing the custom home builders who will make your dream a reality is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your new home. The right builder will ensure your investment is a smart one by building a high-quality, lasting home while guiding you through the entire process with ease. As you consider your options, ask the builders the questions below to determine if they’re the right choice.

What to Ask Custom Home Builders

What’s Your Experience & License/Insurance?

Ask the builders how long they have been in business and how many custom homes they have built. Both of their answers will determine how equipped they will be to handle your project. They should be licensed and fully covered by insurance, so you know they will be protected.

What Guarantees or Warranties Do You Offer?

custom home buildersA true professional will guarantee their craftsmanship. New home construction is a large investment, and you should not have to take any chances with it. Ask about the warranties they will offer on their services, in addition to the warranties you can expect from the materials suppliers themselves.

Can I See Homes You’ve Built?

The past projects of a luxury home builder serve as a portfolio of their work. By looking at their previous projects, you can know what to expect for your home. Ask if they have model homes available to tour, or which of your neighbor’s homes they may have built that you could drive by. They should also provide the contact information of previous clients they’ve worked for who can explain what to expect from working with this builder.

Who Is Your Team?

When you hire a contractor, you hire their entire team. Others will work on your home, from electricians to log smiths. Every step of the building process is important, so you need to make sure the entire team has trusted professionals. They should be able and willing to tell you about each person who will work on your project.

Taking the time to ask these questions now will pay off in the future, as you know exactly what to expect from your custom home builders. Don’t be afraid to ask these and other questions you have; it’s impossible to ask too many questions. If they answer them to your satisfaction, you’ll feel comfortable working with them.


Orlan Sorensen and the team of custom home builders at Landmark Builders are trained professionals with over 40 years’ experience. You’ll see their incredible homes throughout Flathead Valley, MT. Visit the testimonial page to see why their past clients are so happy with their work, and call them at (406) 253-3839 to discuss your new home construction plans.

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