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3 Reasons Quality Bathroom Renovations Are Costly March 2, 2018

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3 Reasons Quality Bathroom Renovations Are Costly, Brighton, New York

Bathroom renovations can transform your home, but they don’t come cheap. A high-quality new bathroom will cost you for a few reasons. When you hire Kornerstone Kitchens in Rochester, NY, for a home renovation, the contractors want you to know the biggest expenses of the project you’re paying for.

The Cost of Bathroom Renovations

1. Labor

A bathroom remodel can take hundreds of working hours, whether you hire a single contractor or a team. It’s a labor-intensive project, from demolishing the old room to putting on the finishing touches. In addition to the hourly wages your contractor owes their employees, there are a lot of labor-associated costs, including insurance, employer taxes, and benefits.

2. Materials

bathroom renovationsMuch of what you pay for your remodel — thousands of dollars — goes directly toward the materials. From quality plumbing to granite countertops and bathroom cabinets, it all adds up. A reputable contractor can help keep these costs down because they have relationships with suppliers and buy materials in bulk.

3. Custom Work

If you want custom work, this allows you to get creative with the look and function of the space. Custom work costs more than work with bulk-produced, pre-fabricated materials. Your contractor will design the space for you, ensure the permits are approved, and order the materials to fit your unique plan.

4. Miscellaneous Project Costs

There are other remodeling project costs that add up to a sizeable number. For example, you will need to buy the permits for the project. When your contractor pulls out the materials from your old bathroom, they must pay to dispose of those materials.

It’s important to remember that while bathroom renovations may cost a substantial sum, it’s an investment in your home. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the remodel every day and some your investment will return to you in your home’s resale value. Kornerstone Kitchens has more than 40 years of experience in custom bathroom work. Call (585) 427-0280 to start your design with one of their specialists, and visit their website to view their showroom and recent projects.

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