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What You Should Know About Lightweight Concrete April 3, 2018

Windham, Windham
What You Should Know About Lightweight Concrete, Windham, Connecticut

If your project calls for a high-quality concrete mix that will withstand everything from environmental stress to heavy traffic, you may be surprised to learn that a lightweight product is an effective option. “Light” doesn’t mean weak, and it’s one of the best materials you can use for your application. Here’s what you should know about lightweight concrete.

3 Things You Should Know About Lightweight Concrete

1. Components

concreteLightweight concrete is composed of different aggregate materials, including slate, clay, and shale. The porous substance may be lightweight, but it boasts just as much strength as a standard concrete mix. This is only possible when the individual aggregates are determined to be strong on their own and resistant to damage. They must also perform well when blended with cement paste.

2. Usefulness

Useful in a variety of applications, lightweight concrete is a favorite of contractors who seek an easily transportable substance that provides structural strength without the burden of extra weight. When using this material, many projects won’t require their load-bearing walls and columns to be nearly as large or powerful as they aren’t supporting heavy concrete. In commercial industries, lightweight concrete is often used to create flooring, piers, bridge decks, and masonry bricks. Residential contractors might use it to maximize a home’s thermal properties and lock in heat.

3. Savings

If contractors are hoping to save money and pass them on to their customers, using lightweight concrete is a great way to do that without sacrificing quality. Using lighter-weight material means that there’s less need to invest in heavy supportive equipment. It also equates to fewer injuries that might occur as a result of handling heavy concrete. Since it’s so easy to work with, it also improves employee output and may even help speed up the work process as a result.


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