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3 Signs of Dental Infections in Children March 6, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Signs of Dental Infections in Children, Anchorage, Alaska

If bacteria finds its way inside a child’s tooth, it can cause an infection inside the bone. This can lead to severe cavities and tooth decay, and without care, the infection will only spread. It’s up to parents to monitor their children’s mouths and know the signs of an issue. The kids’ dentist at Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage, AK, has shared a few of the most common warning signs of a dental infection.

Warning Signs of Dental Infections from a Kids’ Dentist

1. A Bad Toothache

The bacteria irritates the tooth and makes it painful and sensitive. It can feel like a bad, persistent toothache. Depending on the type, the pain may be a constant throbbing or a sharp pain. The tooth will be particularly sensitive to pressure and extreme temperatures, so chewing and drinking a cold or hot beverage will make the pain worse.

2. Appetite Loss

kids' dentistThis sign is more common in younger children that can’t communicate thoughts and feelings well. If your toddler has suddenly lost interest in eating—especially the things they used to love—then it’s probably because eating has become painful. While this doesn’t always indicate a dental infection, if it’s accompanied by any other signs, it’s best to have a dentist check it out.

3. Redness & Swelling

The gums around the infected tooth will also be affected. If one spot is red and swollen, it should be diagnosed by a kids’ dentist. As the infection progresses, even the neck and jaw can start to swell, which will be apparent without even looking inside the mouth.

Keeping an eye out for unusual signs such as these, along with regular dental visits, helps ensure that your children will have healthy mouths. If you suspect your child has a tooth infection, make an appointment at Alaska Dentistry for Kids. They accept everyone from infants to teens, and their team will keep your kids comfortable throughout their cleaning appointment. Call (9097) 274-2525 to schedule an appointment with their kids’ dentist, Dr. Chris Coplin. Or, visit their website to learn more about their team.

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