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Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc November 7, 2018

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Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc, Fairbanks, Alaska

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of a Herniated Disc

Back and neck pain are common problems, and not just for athletes or people who work at physically demanding jobs. Almost everyone will suffer from this kind of pain during their lifetime, and one of the causes can be a herniated disc. Chiropractors deal with these injuries in their patients regularly, and despite the discomfort, treatment options are available. 

How It Happens & How It Feels

ChiropractorHerniated discs occur most often in the lower back, although it is possible to get one anywhere in the spine. They are caused by the jelly-like disc between vertebrae being forced out of its place, which puts pressure on sensitive nerves in the spinal column and back. They can happen for almost any reason, such as a sports injury, back strain from gardening, or a car accident. They can even cause pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in one or both legs, which can feel quite frightening to patients. The primary symptom of a herniated disc is back or neck pain, which is often exacerbated by exercise or physical work, but can also flare up during long periods of sitting, such as at a desk job or on a plane. 

Treatment Options

Spinal manipulation by a chiropractor is an effective and popular treatment for herniated discs. A chiropractor will develop a treatment plan for the problem, which can include spinal manipulation, but often also includes stretching exercises and even changes in daily activities that can result in less pain and more spinal mobility. A herniated disc cannot be cured in days or even weeks, but with conservative treatment, it can often times be helped and eliminated.


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