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Common Questions About Workplace Drug Testing February 27, 2018

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Common Questions About Workplace Drug Testing, Artesia, New Mexico

To minimize safety concerns and fulfill legal requirements, many employers conduct drug tests to assess the risks presented by both current employees and potential hires. But while this practice may be a standard process for businesses, Artesia Drug & Alcohol Screening says it’s common for test-takers to have a lot of questions—especially if they are doing it for the first time. If you’re unsure of what to expect, this drug testing facility of Artesia, NM, answers a few common questions about the process that can help you become more familiar.   

5 FAQ About Workplace Drug Testing

Can Employers Require Drug Tests?

Employers have the right to request drug testing from current employees and prospective hires. In fact, some businesses—particularly federal and state agencies—may require analysis as a condition of employment. However, it should be noted that in some states—such as California—a business must have reasonable cause to test a current employee.  

How Are Tests Completed?

drug testingMost workplace drug tests are conducted by urinalysis or oral sample, as these methods offer clear, quick results at an affordable rate. However, it’s also possible to determine substance use through blood and hair samples.

Is Testing Private?

For the most part, it is considered an invasion of privacy to have someone actually observe a person urinate to take a test. However, if an employer wants to prevent against tampering with the results, they may require that a trusted party be present in the restroom or listen to ensure that a valid sample was given.

How Long Does It Take to Process Results?

While providing a sample only take a few minutes, you will not receive your results instantly. If the results are negative, your employer should learn within 24 hours. However, the process can take several days if positive results occur, as these require additional analysis for confirmation.

What Happens If My Results Are Positive?

The actions an employer can take depend on the type of business they are. For example, federal organizations will require a first-time offender to complete counseling if results come back positive, whereas a private company can decide to terminate the employee right away.  

If you’re an employer looking for a reliable drug testing facility, look no further than Artesia Drug & Alcohol Screening. Serving the local community for more than 20 years, this location offers the necessary experience and resources to ensure your business is provided with quick, accurate, and affordable solutions. Individuals can also turn to this center for drug and alcohol education from trained substance abuse professionals. For more information about their services, visit this workplace drug testing provider online. Or, if you have questions about the process, call (575) 746-3404 to speak with a friendly team member.  

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